Turn Tradition on its Head With a Valentine’s Gift for Him

For centuries it’s been the fairer sex who have come to expect a gift on the one day every year that should be dedicated to your sweetheart. However, in recent years it appears that things are changing. Now many more men are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Time to put your gift giving talents to the test ladies and find him a gift that will rock his world.

You’ll be pleased to know that buying the perfect Valentine’s gifts for men doesn’t require a university degree, because men are really quite easy to buy gifts for. They prefer gifts that are practical and useful, so how hard can it be?

Actually it’s a little harder than it seems at first, especially if you want a gift that’s romantic. Practical doesn’t seem to bear any relation to being romantic. But the opposite is actually true. Finding him a practical gift that you know he’s been longing to own is an extremely thoughtful present. Knowing what your guy needs shows him that you care.

There are heaps of suitable gifts available, wherever you decide to do your shopping. Beer and BBQ lovers, sports fans, foodies, book lovers and many others tastes are well catered for.

How to choose the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men

valentines day ideas for himMen say they aren’t necessarily looking for romance when you ask them about the qualities of a gift. However, romance is always going to be connected with this annual celebration and there’s nothing wrong with trying to inject a little with your gift. And it’s worth mentioning that there are more than a few males who would rather Valentine’s Day never existed. Not because they don’t think that love is precious, but because they feel the day has been taken over by retailers. Eager to pry every last penny out of consumers, they’ve turned this day into just another Hallmark holiday.

While this might be true to some extent, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for such a long time that we think he’d be mad to ignore it. As we’ve already mentioned your husband or boyfriend would very much appreciate a gift that is practical or one that’s connected with his interests, and even the most anti-Valentine’s guy will be thankful. Leave the lavish gifts up to him and pick a gift that is thoughtful and understanding. The best advice we can give you is chocolates, flowers or a cuddly teddy sent to his office is probably not going to be welcome. And might even put your Valentine gift at risk.

A Valentine’s Day gift for him shouldn’t be about the money

There are many situations you can find yourself in that mean you haven’t got the cash to spend on expensive gifts. You might be one half of a young couple who are just starting out together and paying off a home loan, or a couple who are saving up for their first home. You might be a mother who spends all her spare cash on the children, which leaves little left over for the long-suffering husband. Whatever your situation, it shouldn’t matter that you haven’t got heaps of cash to spend on an extravagant Valentine’s gift for him. So what options are available if you want to be frugal?

An evening together, just the two of you – Get the kids over to their grandparents and spend the evening curled up on the couch together watching his favourite action movies. Dim the lights and snuggle up close, who knows how the evening will end.

The sweetest gift is to tell him how much you love him – We don’t mean using those special three words, but expressing your true feelings in a love letter, or by writing him a poem.

Cook him a special meal – When he returns home after a long day at work, run him a bath and let him relax with a glass of his favourite tipple. while you get on with cooking a special dinner.

A picnic on the beach or a walk in the park – You might think that this type of gift isn’t very inspiring, but we happen to disagree. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a relaxing lie on the beach or a stroll in the fresh air, holding hands with your special man.

How to choose the most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Choosing the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend is not as difficult as it once was. The introduction of online gift sites has made shopping for gifts a breeze. The difficulty comes when you’re trying to decide which gift to buy.

There’s nobody on the planet who knows your man better than you, so it should be easy to narrow down the options to include gifts that he’s going to appreciate. And you shouldn’t be concerned about breaking the bank. As long as your gift shows that you put some thought into the choosing that should be enough for anyone.

Have you heard the saying “Men are from Mars, and women from Venus”? You might even have read the book. Which will lead you to understanding that both men and women view the act of giving and receiving gifts very differently. Females have come to expect a gift on Valentine’s Day, while most men won’t even think about getting a gift. All he’s likely to be thinking about is a nice dinner and some fun under the bedsheets. Go out of your way to do something different and he’s going to be really surprised.

Gifts to avoid would be the ubiquitous male gift of socks, a tie or a belt. Instead choose clothing that’s a little more unique and something he can wear when he’s not at the office.

Valentine’s Day is the day to express your feelings and a day that he should feel special. Time to look at a few more ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for men.

Pick a Valentine’s Day gift for him because he deserves a little pampering too

For the ladies there are Valentine’s gifts a plenty. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, wining and dining are perfect gifts for the ladies, but is there anything that will get your man’s heart beating and show how much you care?

Valentine’s Day gifts for menSwap gifts for an experience
Time for some Valentine’s gifts that will make his day memorable. On offer are a wealth of heart racing, adrenaline-fuelled and adventurous choices including a few laps in a sports car, a trip in a helicopter or a hot air balloon ride. There’s also a tall ship cruise, bridge climbing, skydiving, jet boat rides and even cooking classes.

A hamper filled with his favourite things
Is your man serious, or maybe even fanatical about his food? A great Valentine’s gift for him would be a basket filled some of his favourite treats, such as biscuits, cheese, beer, gourmet nuts, fruit, in fact just about anything. There are a number of online companies that will customise a gift basket for you, or you could have a go at making your own.

Tickets for an event to remember
If your husband or boyfriend is a sports, music or theatre fan then tickets to an upcoming event might be a good way to go. He might even be willing to take you along so you can share the experience together.

Would he appreciate a new fragrance?
There are quite a few guys that enjoy wearing the latest scent. The benefit of this kind of gift is you get to choose one that you like too.

A pampering treatment
This might seem a bit unorthodox but we’re pretty sure your fella will enjoy a massage and health-giving spa treatment. He might make the strangest of faces when you suggest he pops down to the local spa, but once those expert hands get to work on his tired shoulders he’s bound to change his opinion.

Do gift cards make a good Valentine’s Day gift for him?
If you think that your fella has everything he wants and needs, you might be considering a gift card as his gift for Valentine’s Day, but is he going to see it as a cop out? While they may be one solution, it’s not 100% certain that they are the right kind of gift to give your Valentine. Agreed they are the perfect gift to give someone you don’t know very well, and are a great way to be sure that your gift will be appreciated and put to good use. However, we happen to think that Valentine’s day gifts for him warrant a little more thought and careful consideration. Gift cards are a bit of an easy way out don’t you think?

With these gift ideas under your belt it’s time to look at Valentine’s Day a little more light-heartedly, by sharing some interesting, fun and weird facts about the day we’ve come to celebrate.

gold dipped cards

Facts you might not know about Valentine’s Day

Whether Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or you’ve got a few months to think about it, why don’t we share some facts that might amaze you and some that will help you understand how it all began.

  • For a popular theory regarding the origin of Valentine’s Day we need to take a few steps back in history. Back to the time of Ancient Rome and an emperor named Claudius II. He thought that being married distracted his soldiers from performing their best so in his infinite wisdom he decided that marriages should be banned. Bishop Valentine thought that this idea was ridiculous so continued to perform wedding ceremonies, which eventually led to him being imprisoned and executed. He wrote a note to his jailer’s daughter and signed it “From your Valentine”.
  • It was considered unlucky to sign your Valentine card in Victorian times – what was the point in sending one you might well ask.
  • Pets aren’t forgotten on Valentine’s Day – recent research has shown that as many as 3% of pet owners buy their pets a gift.
  • Valentine’s day is the second most popular occasion that calls for a greetings card to be sent – around 1 billion are sent every year.
  • In Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as Ystävänpäivä, which roughly translates to Friend’s Day. It’s more about celebrating friendship than love.
  • In the Middle Ages, men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. The piece of paper with the name was worn on their sleeves for one week, which is where the saying “To wear your heart on your sleeve” comes from.
  • King Henry VII is responsible for making February 14th official. He declared it would be known as Valentine’s Day in 1537.
  • The world’s most well known lover Casanova, ate chocolate to improve his virility.
  • The first box of chocolates produced for Valentine’s Day appeared in the late 1800’s, from the factory of Richard Cadbury.
  • In the 1800s physicians advised patients who were pining for their loved ones to eat chocolate.
  • Teachers are the most popular recipients of Valentine’s cards followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets.
  • The most fabulous Valentine’s gift ever was the Taj Mahal in India. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it as a memorial to his wife.
  • A love knot is a symbol of undying love, because its twisting loops have no beginning and no end.
  • Verona, in Italy, where Shakespeare’s famous lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives 1,000 letters every year addressed to Juliet.
  • There are a couple of alternatives to Valentine’s Day: “Quirkyalone Day” started by a group of feminists, and Single’s Awareness Day (SAD), which is celebrated as a reminder that people don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.

And one last snippet that is going to give every single person a little hope that Valentine’s Day won’t be a disaster, a classic clip from The Simpsons.