Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Please His Senses

There is so much more to gift giving than the purchase, wrapping and presenting of an item that you have given great thought to. While attractive wrapping entices the recipient to take their time unveiling the contents, typically both it and the gift inside only appeal to the sense of sight. A gift that appeals to more than one sense can be even more exciting to receive.

♂ Gift Guide Designed To Please His Senses ♂

Smell – Cologne

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While the sense of smell is the most important part of a gift of cologne that makes your man smell incredibly good, marketers and manufacturers put a lot of effort into putting their scents into attractive bottles. If your guy is the sort of man who likes to leave his scent out on the bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser it is important that the bottle be as pleasing to the eye as the cologne inside is pleasing to the nose. If your guy has a favorite cologne you can give him a special Valentine’s Day gift set that includes after-shaving lotion and other items that can only make him smell even better. If he doesn’t have a favorite consider a gift pack that includes several trial sized bottles of various colognes so he can explore them all and hopefully find one he likes more than the others.

Touch – Massage

If your guy works hard, whether it is physically or mentally demanding, at the end of the week he could probably do with a massage to release the tension in his muscles. Though some guys may be averse to the idea of having someone give them a massage once they have experienced how great it feels to have muscles kneaded and rubbed so that they loosen up it is typically something they are keen to do again. You can choose to either give him a awesome Valentine’s Day gift – certificate to a local spa where he can be professionally massaged, or you could take a few classes and learn how to give him a massage at home. The use of scented oils will help to relax him so that you can both benefit from him feeling less stressed.

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Sound – Music

Music is something everyone should have in their life and too often men get too busy to take time to listen to some. Put the music back in your man’s life. There are so many options to appeal to his sense of sound and music is the most obvious one. Concert tickets to a favorite band, or if classical music is more his style he might like a night at the theater to listen to an orchestra play. For an opera buff try and get tickets to a performance near you or if you have to travel out of town make a real night of it with dinner beforehand and an overnight stay in a classy hotel.

Taste – Chocolate

Chocolate bar for Valentine's Day
Think only women are addicted to chocolate? Think again! Men love chocolate almost as much as women so don’t hesitate to give your man some really sweet and tasty chocolate candy. You can choose ready-made boxes of something he will like but if you really want to be guaranteed to make him happy find a chocolate maker near you and take him in for a taste testing session. Once you know which ones he likes best you can go back without him and have a box made up of them. Alternatively you could find recipes online and make your own! This will appeal not only to his sweet tooth but also to his heart when he realizes that you made them just for him, with lots of love baked into every one.

Sight – Movies

Whether he likes to watch movies at home or in the theater you should be able to find a way to gift him with the means to watch more. This is a win/win for you because you will likely get to watch the movies with him, spending quality time together. Subscriptions to movie streaming programs online is one possibility. A season’s pass to a movie theater near where he lives is another. If he is a vintage/retro kind of guy try to find an old-fashioned drive in movie theater to take him to. For the modern guy on Valentine’s Day, an IMAX 3D movie experience may be fun.

All 5 Senses

If you really want to get creative why not make him up a Valentines gift basket that appeals to all 5 senses. Grab a cane basket, some clear cellophane film, and some ribbon from your local craft store, and then buy him something for each of the senses. Once you have it all packed in the basket in an attractive manner all you have to do is put the cellophane film around the basket, gather up the sides at the top and tie it up with the ribbon. You can add a flower or red bow for added effect if you wish.

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