Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Maybe you already have that special gift for him and just want to add a little something made with your own two hands to make it extra special, or perhaps you ran out of time and now the gift you wanted to give him is sold out. Of course if money is an issue you can create something spectacular that will show him how much you love him without spending a huge amount. Whatever the reason you are looking for last minute DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas, we have you covered.


You don’t have to be the world’s best baker to be able to whip up a cake and yet the fact that you made it yourself will mean a lot to him. Choose his favorite kind, bake it and then use a little imagination to decorate it. If you think cupcakes will be more to his liking you can use the same cake mix and bake it into individual sized cup cakes and then decorate with a little frosting. Cookies are another easy item to bake and the perfect Valentine’s Da gift for him. After all, they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?

Coupon Book

Either create your own or find a printable download online of a coupon. Print out as many as you want and then staple them to form a coupon book. On each one write a thing you will do for him. Some fun things might be to give him a foot rub, back rub, all over massage, cook his favorite dinner, and breakfast in bed. Don’t put an expiration date on the coupons so he can ‘cash in’ on them when he wants to.

Knitted Item

When the weather turns cool a man needs a warm scarf to keep his neck from getting cold. Scarves are easy to make and can be knitted in just a few hours if you choose really thick yarn. Pick his favorite color or the color that would best go with the jacket he wears the most on colder days. Once it is finished check with your local craft store for a label to sew onto one end that says something along the lines of “Made with Love by ________”.

Gift Basket

There is no end to the ideas for gift baskets. You can create one easily with a cane basket, some colored or clear film and a ribbon to tie it up with. The fun part is choosing all the ‘goodies’ to fill it with. You could fill it with home baked cookies to satisfy his sweet tooth. You could fill it with different types of chocolates from around the world. You could make a wine basket and fill it with various wine bottles. The gift basket doesn’t have to be all one type of item either. You can put a little bit of this and a little bit of that into it until it is filled to the top with all the things you think he would enjoy.

Beer Bottle Labels

If your guy likes to brew his own beer create a label for his bottles. There are printing programs online that you can either use and download, or for a more professional look find a company that will create and print the Valentine labels for you. Think of a logo that is very much ‘him’. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Look online for inspiration. Even if the label you end up creating just says “Happy Valentine’s Day” the labels will be personal and he will love that you made them for him.


Make a Video

Surprise him with a video that shows you telling him how much you love him. Tell him what he means to you and all the little things about him that are endearing. Talk into the video cam as if he is right in front of you. You can make simple little videos with your smartphone. Another way to make a video is with one of the free programs available online. Take some of your favorite photographs of the two of you and turn them into a video and then record your voice telling him of all the wonderful memories you have of each occasion that the photos were taken.

Write a Love Letter

Other amazing and meaningful Valentine’s gift is a beautifully hand-written love letter that speaks straight from the writer’s heart. Pour your feelings out onto paper and let him know how much he means to you and how much you love being with him. If you don’t feel your handwriting is very attractive you can always type it on the computer and then choose an attractive font to print it out in. Print it on attractive, thick, quality paper so it will last a long time as he may want to read it over and over again over the coming years.