Awesome Valentine’s Day Geek Gifts for Guys

Guys love their toys whether it is power tools, video gaming gear or things that only a geek could enjoy. Buying a Valentine gift for your guy who is a geek can be fun but also a bit challenging if you are not a bit of a geek yourself. Geeks tend to have their ‘fingers on the pulse’ and know when new ‘tech toys’ come onto the market and will likely tell you about them whether you are interested or not. Listen to him when he tells you what he is excited about, but if he doesn’t share his geekiness with you then here are some ideas for awesome techie gifts for the guy in your life.

Awesome Valentine’s Day Trend Gift Guide To Surprise Him

Geek man
Phone Charging Bracelet – He will never lose his phone charger cord ever again because when you give him this cool bracelet he will have it around his wrist wherever he goes. Available for both Android and iOS the bracelets come in a variety of cool styles suitable for men to wear. No one will even know that the bracelet is really a charger cord, but he will know that no matter what he has a cord with him.
Star Wars RC Falcon Drone – For the diehard Star Wars fan this is the ultimate in geek gifts. Measuring 27” x 20” the Millennium Falcon XL drone has a 250ft range and features a cockpit that lights up with Han Solo and Chewie figures inside. Even if your geek boyfriend, fiancé or husband doesn’t want to fly the drone it will make a cool item to hang on the wall or suspend from the ceiling to add to his Star Wars collection.
Navdy – This is the latest GPS tech device that projects maps onto the windshield. Its low profile design means that it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view when driving. Map/directions can be projected on the lower section of the windshield right in front of him so he doesn’t have to turn his eyes away from the road to view. The Navdy unit can also be used to make and receive telephone calls and texts, and to play music. It truly is the ultimate GPS unit and is safer than traditional GPS units.
Fujifilm Smartphone Printer – For the guy who has an iPhone the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP1 will allow him to print photos straight from his phone in seconds. He can use it for work or at home, and its small size makes it very portable. Can be used with both smartphones and tablets and allows printing in various templates. Your guy can take a selfie of the two of you and then print out two copies so you can each have one to put in a frame or on your wall, all within seconds.
PhoneSoap Cell Phone Charger and Sanitizer – Sadly with the excessive use our smartphones get on a daily basis dirt and debris is par for the course, and if we have a cold the germs are easily transferred to the phone/case. Everywhere we go we pick up bacteria, which then transfers from our hands right onto the phone the next time it gets used. This great little gadget will not only zap the germs away but also charges the phone while it is sanitizing. It only takes 5 minutes for the sanitization process to run but the phone can be left in the device to charge overnight.

Gold dipped golf ball for Valentine's Day for him  
Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device – Even good golfers need to work on their swing and this is the device to help them perfect it. The Swingbyte 2 attaches to the golf club and records the action of the golfer’s swing. When the golfer has completed the swing he can review it on his smartphone or tablet to instantly see where improvement is needed. Great for beginners as well as those with some golfing experience.
Cubify Cube 3D Printer – Imagine the fun things your geeky guy can create with this small but powerful 3D printer. This 2 nd generation printer prints faster than its predecessor and is certified to be used at home. This little cube can reproduce small items in 3D and uses a smart cartridge system that can tell when you change materials so you don’t have to make adjustments to the settings.
Lego Star Wars Death Star II – When you combine the versatility of Lego with the geeky coolness of Star Wars you have the perfect Valentine gift for the man who likes to make things and is a serious diehard Star Wars fan. The 25-inch built-to-scale Death Star battle station consists of over 3400 pieces so is likely to take many hours of fun to put together. When completed, your guy will have a cool addition to his Star Wars collection that can be displayed and could well become extremely valuable over time.