Gentlemen Deserve Their Valentine´s Day Gifts

There are some items that every gentleman has to have in his possession. Valentine´s Day is a perfect occasion to surprise him with some elegant and manly items. Men can be had to buy for, and it can be a bigger process to buy for a man than a woman. However, there are some items that men who care about themselves will love to purchase. If you are not able to find about those secretly wanted items, we will give you some ideas which you can use in order to offer your significant other a thoughtful and romantic gift this Valentine´s Day.

girl in giftboxUsually, we buy the same kind of gifts for men on Valentine´s Day, on birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is a wider choice of gifts for women. However, we managed to find great examples of those ordinary items. Men, mostly, prefer the items which have a purpose and which he will be able to use occasionally, rather than some romantic items which will end up in memory box eventually. Among these eight items appropriate for everyday use, we hope you will find the right one. Your husband or boyfriend will, hopefully, like the gift.

golf ball and tee

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Moustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

If your gentleman has a beard which he loves to groom and take care of there at all times, then he deserves this great Remington trimmer. He is going to be thrilled that you care for his beard the same way as he does. This item includes three different attachments for all types of facial hair. It is available for $38.

Cool Water by Davidoff For Men

This fragrance will probably be his first choice from now on. Lavender and jasmine blended with musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood notes will provide unique experience for everyday use. Most importantly you will love to hug him and keep him close just to whiff this great scent.

Stuhrling Original Men’s – Ascot Casatorra Elite Watch

Watch is a special gift for men. It brings a lot of emotions with it. It is romantic, simple, and timeless gift that your gentleman will surely appreciate. This lovely silver analogue watch with black dial may be a great piece to his watch collection. Most definitely, this one will be most favourite as well. Ascot Casatorra Elite is available for 95$.

Red Heart Cuff Links by Cufflinks, INC

spyglassOne thing that gentleman always takes care of is his suit – and there is no better way to upcycle the suit than with these awesome red heart cuff links that will surely remind him of you every time he wears them. Red heart may be a bold choice, but your gentlemen will certainly be happy because of this romantic item. Cuff links are available for $68.

Old School Shave Cream and Brush Duo

If your gentleman prefers a clean shave than you can offer him the possibility to do it old school. This lovely retro kit includes a cream with natural ingredients and essential oils, and a brush for the closest and gentlest shave. This will be the coolest item he will get this year. You can buy it for $65.

Men´s Leather Billfold Wallet by Estados

This amazing calf leather and silk wallet is something that a gentleman needs. This item needs to be handled with care, which your lovely husband obviously knows when he has got that amazing wife that will buy him Estados wallet for Valentine´s Day. This is elegant and luxurious item, which has both classic and contemporary style. The wallet is available for $135.

Personalised Sterling Silver Tie Clip by Merci Maman

Personalised items are always a great gift and if you really don´t want to give him personalized mugs or shirts then there is amazing accessory for your gentleman. Sterling silver tie clip is something you can be very creative with, you can be romantic, and you can ask for special engravings up to 30 characters. Your special requests are engraved by hand in Merci Maman studio in London. This amazing gift is available for $129.

Unisex Charcoal Merino Scarf by sheep-ish

Made from Australian merino wool, this scarf is going to be s good option in long winters. This is a simple scarf that will be perfect with every outfit. Scarf will show that you worry for your significant other and that you want to keep him warm and safe, but still elegant and trendy. This Australian product is available for $60.