Perfect Valentines Day Gifts for Golfers

Buying presents for your husband or boyfriend is never easy at the best of times, and especially when Valentines Day comes around you may be lacking in inspiration for significant gifts that he will appreciate. Choosing a gift that matches his favourite hobby or pastime is one way to ensure that your choice of present will really hit the spot. If your husband or boyfriend is a keen golfer, the good news is that you will be spoiled for choice for fun and relevant gifts to buy this Valentines Day.

Golf Accessories for Golf Mad Partners

Whether you have a high budget for your other half’s Valentines gift or you have limited funds, you are sure to find some excellent golf accessories that will make their day. A new set of golf clubs would never go amiss at this special time of year, while a stylish new golf trolley for carrying equipment around the green will make him the envy of his friends. For those with less cash to splash, a golf ball cleaner or new caddy towel are appropriate and useful presents.

Hi-Tech Golfing Gadgets for Him

golf-accessories-gift-for-valentines-dayIf he would like to up his game on the golf course, there are lots of modern hi-tech golfing gadgets that are ideal gifts for any golf-mad partner this Valentines Day. A GPS golf watch will give him the edge over his competitors, while a clever gadget like a golf digital tracking system will help him to improve his game by highlighting all the areas which need further development. A technologically advanced swing trainer will help him to hone his skills while a pair of the latest cutting edge binoculars will assist him to focus on the course.

Golf Clothing Valentines Gifts for Him

Every man wants to look his best on the green, so take Valentines Day as your ideal opportunity to show him how much you care by presenting him with a stylish new golfing outfit. Keep him warm and cosy on the driving range with a smart reversible jacket or keep him cool in the summer heat with a high quality short sleeved polo shirt. A new cap will be much appreciated during sunny days while a comfortable beanie will keep his head warm during the chillier days. If the budget is tight, a pack of new sports socks will always come in handy while a pair of performance sunglasses will not only keep him looking trendy but will help improve his vision while playing a round.

Golf Themed Merchandise

If your man already has everything he needs to excel on the course, you could reflect his passion for the sport in a gift that takes golf as its theme. A figurine or statuette of a golf player would be a lasting memento of this Valentines Day, while a mug or glass featuring a picture of some golf clubs would also be especially appropriate. There are all kinds of unusual golf related present ideas including a golf themed drinking game, personalised golf calendars and even a golf tiddlywinks game.

Unique Golf Memorabilia for Golfers

golden golf ball for himFor a long lasting keepsake that not only reflects your partner’s favourite pastime but also will demonstrate just how much he really means to you, why not surprise him with a golf themed gift that is both magnificent and significant. A gold golf ball Valentine gift is an amazing way to mark this occasion out as truly special. Dipped in purest 24 karat gold, this luxurious token of esteem will impress all his friends on the green as these balls retain exceptional playability while keeping their stunning appearance. Supplied with a matching gold dipped tee, this gorgeous present can even be kept in pride of place in a display cabinet in the home when it is not gracing the green. Choosing a gold golf ball Valentine gift could be the ideal way to convey your special message of love to your other half.

Personalised Golf Gifts for Him

With personalised gifts becoming ever more popular with each passing year, it seems obvious for golfing merchandisers to get in on the act. Today, there are more personalised golfing accessories than ever, so if you are in a relationship with the world’s most enthusiastic golfer, you are sure to be able to find a suitable gift that has that extra special personal touch that only a personalised gift can bring. From monogrammed golf towels to inscribed golf balls and from engraved golf club shaped cufflinks to embroidered golfers’ cushions, there is a present for everyone among the massive range in stores and on the internet.
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Choosing a gift for Valentines Day may never be easy, but hopefully these useful suggestions will help you to discover some ideas for your golf mad partner. Whether you choose to give him an extravagant gold golf ball Valentine gift or a low cost alternative, you can be sure that as long as it is given with heartfelt sentiment, it will be truly appreciated.