How to Make Him Feel Special with Valentines Gifts for Men

If you’ve been sitting back and accepting all his gifts for the past few years you might be considering turning the tables and making this coming Valentine a special one for him. We’re sensing you might be feeling a little reticent, worried or simply confused, otherwise why would you be here on this page and looking for inspiration? There’s nothing wrong with that we have to emphasis. There are hundreds of ladies who feel a little lost at sea when it comes to buying a Valentine’s gift for their husband. We wouldn’t have thought this website was such a good idea if this wasn’t the case.

gifts for husbandWe’ve always left it with the men to accept the challenge of making Valentine’s Day a celebration of romance and all those loving feelings. But we’re the ones who wanted equality, so now it’s our turn to show the men in our lives how much we appreciate all that they put in and that we really do adore them.

Time to step up to the mark with some suitable Valentine’s gifts for the man in your life.

23 Ways to Show that you Love Him

  • Send him a Valentine’s text message or email, but not to his office address
  • Leave a love note in his briefcase or lunch box
  • Be waiting for him in the bedroom when he comes home from work, and don’t forget some sexy lingerie to get his pulse racing
  • Dinner at his favourite restaurant followed by a music concert, sporting event or show
  • Buy him that book, CD, game or any other item you know he’s been longing to own
  • Send him flowers – and yes men will enjoy receiving a bouquet as much as you
  • Meet up with him at lunchtime for his favourite lunchtime fare
  • Fill the fridge with his favourite beer
  • Take him for a drive somewhere romantic
  • Give him a massage or foot rub after a long day at work
  • Make him breakfast in bed
  • Sign yourselves up for dancing or cookery classes
  • Leave a note on the mirror that tells him how much you care
  • Wash his car
  • Organise a romantic getaway
  • Plan a day doing his favourite things
  • Have a sexy photo session done together
  • If you know he’ll be working late at the office organise a delivery of his favourite take-out
  • Do something daring together – skydiving or bungee jumping for example
  • Buy him a subscription to his favourite magazine or music service
  • Go stargazing and take a bottle of champagne
  • Splash out for front row seats at the next match of his favourite team
  • Hire a tandem bike and go out for a ride together

What are the best Valentine’s gifts for a husband?

If he’s a bit of a handyman – Why not get him a power tool to add to his collection, such as a cordless drill, nail gun or a good quality set of sockets and spanners?

Valentines Gifts for HusbandIf he loves sports – It doesn’t matter whether he prefers to participate or sit on the sidelines, there are lots of gift options for the sportsman. Get him a new pair of football boots, trainers or tennis shoes. How about some new fishing gear or a new golf bag? You could also get him tickets to a game.

Does he keep up with fashion? – You could buy him a gift that he can wear on special occasions, such as a new suit, silk tie or silver cufflinks. Or buy him a gift he can wear time and time again such as silk boxer shorts, covered of course in red hearts or a stylish watch that will remind him of you every time he wears it.

Is his finger on the pulse of the latest music scene? – On offer are tickets to a live concert, a subscription to an online music service or music magazine, a new set of headphone or the latest MP3 player, loaded up with his favourite tunes.

Watch a movie and have dinner – You might not like this idea because it means you’ll have to sit through the latest action movie, which may not be quite your cup of tea. However, the gift is for him so it’s up to him to decide what you’re going to watch. You might not be happy about the choice but put on your sweetest smile and make out you’re enjoying it.

When it comes to giving gifts to your husband it’s not important how much it cost. What matters most is the thought behind the gift, whether he’ll like it and preferably find it useful. Knowing what he likes, his taste, style and preferences and finding a gift that perfectly matches will be the most impressive Valentine’s gift from him he’s had so far.

But what are your options if you’ve left things till the last-minute and missed all the delivery deadlines for your gift to arrive on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gifts for men if you’ve run out of time

poker cards

If you’re reading this and Valentine’s Day is only a few days away what were you thinking? Don’t worry though, because there are still a number of Valentine’s gifts that can be organised last minute. You don’t need to resort to the last Valentine’s card left on the shelf and a uninspiring bottle of aftershave from the dollar market.

  • Book a room at a local hotel and enjoy an indoors picnic
  • Hold a movie night at home and snuggle up on the couch
  • No worries about being the designated driver if you cook him a special meal at home
  • Book him in for some lessons at the local golf club
  • Put on some sexy lingerie and wait for him to come home… it’s up to you what follows when he walks through the door

Finding a Valentine’s gift for your husband, that you know he’ll like, is a great way to show your appreciation. It’s a little sad that men often get left on the sidelines when it comes to receiving gifts. But it means that he’s all the more likely to notice when you pick a gift that relates to his interests.

Choosing gifts for your husband isn’t always easy, but when you’ve got some help your worries will be over. Stay tuned for more Valentine’s gift ideas.