Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him – Because he Deserves to Feel Special

Valentine’s Day is one day in the year when you should be thinking about how to make your husband or boyfriend feel special. It’s often more of a tradition for women to look forward to receiving gifts but times are changing. An increasing number of men are now looking forward with anticipation to the Valentine’s gifts they’ll be receiving. This doesn’t mean your Valentine’s gift ideas for him have to be expensive or complicated. A successful Valentine’s Day will result with some careful planning and by paying attention to the little details that you know he’ll appreciate.

It’s also a day when you can do things a little different, and remind each other of the companionship and love that you share. Time to shake off your relationship cobwebs with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will warm his heart.


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How to plan a Valentine’s Day celebration with your husband or boyfriend taking centre stage

valentines ideas for himTime for you to be charming – Custom has traditionally dictated that the men should be the ones to do the wooing. However, modern living means that we’re always looking for ways to turn tradition on its head. It’s now the turn of the ladies to go out of their way to make their man feel special, by taking charge and romancing him instead. He’ll most certainly be surprised and hopefully he’ll enjoy the experience.

Make your celebration unexpected – There’s nothing more exciting than a surprise, for whatever reason. Think about ways that you can surprise him such as sending flowers to his workplace, pretending to pack his lunch box and then turning up with his favourite food, or taking him out to dinner to his favourite restaurant. Make sure you take care of all the details in the planning stage so you don’t find yourself at a loss about what to do. That means buying tickets, booking a table, as well as organising a taxi.

If Valentine celebrations are usually left up to him to organise you’ll need to let him know subtly, without too many details, that this year you’ll be doing the planning. You might want to send him an invite and give him a few clues on the best things to wear.

Build up the suspense – If it’s a date that you’re planning (we’ll be looking at some great ideas a little later), leave a note for him the day before Valentine’s to let him know how excited you are about spending the day with him. Get the preparations under way as soon as you get up in the morning, by making yourself gorgeous, and perhaps doing your hair a little different. He might not notice however, but that’s only because he thinks you’re beautiful all the time!

Take care of everything – This year you’re going to be responsible for everything and that includes paying and driving (better book a taxi, so you can enjoy a drink too). His only responsibility will be to have a good time, enjoying the loving and to be loving back. However, don’t knock him down if he wants to help, as that will be counterproductive and will only make him feel emasculated.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for HimPut on your glad rags – Dress up as much as possible because it will help to make the day special. Obviously this won’t be practical if, for example, you’re planning to go rock climbing or skydiving. But if you’ve planned a more formal part to the day you’ll want to look your best. And it’s not just to show him how beautiful you are, because he already knows that. It’s to make you feel good too.

He should be your Number 1 priority – For this one day your husband or boyfriend should be your only concern. Time to throw all your other commitments and responsibilities out the window and concentrate your efforts on him alone. Think back to when you first dated, before the kids, pets and work came along, and try to recreate the thrill by being spontaneous and playful.

Do something that will make him blush – When thinking of ways to surprise him, think of the things that only he should see. Have a tattoo done somewhere only he’ll get to see, or why not get one done together. Organise a boudoir photo-shoot and have some snaps made up that you only want him to enjoy. Proclaim your love for him in a public way. For example have a t-shirt printed with his face and some words of love and wear it for him all day.

Let him do the things that normally bug you – When you’ve been together for some time there will always be a few annoying habits you wish you could change but today let him do a few of those things that normally bug you. If he wants to fill the refrigerator with his favourite beer then let him. If he wants to order junk food then let him. If he wants to spend all evening watching Mel Gibson movies then tell him to go ahead. Giving in on the odd occasion will only serve to cement your relationship and hopefully he’ll do the same for you.

Turn your home into a love zone – If one of your Valentine’s gift ideas for him this year is to cook him a meal and spend the evening at home then try and be a bit suggestive and imaginative with the decoration. Get up early and make your home Valentine-friendly. Cushions, pillows, blankets, candles, love heart decorations and soft music will all add to the ambience. Why not set up a massage corner to include massage oils, towels and a comfortable place for him to lie-down?

Don’t forget to say “I love you” – Tell him how much you love him often throughout the day, and make sure you’re the first one to say it in the morning. Try not to overdo it or he’ll cringe every time you open your mouth. And think of some ways to say it without saying the words.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that match his taste – Valentine gift ideas for him should centre around things that he loves. It could be his favourite movie, his favourite book or one of his hobbies. And don’t forget to offer to share it with him, if that’ll be possible.

We mentioned earlier that we’d give you a few suggestions on how you can spend your day.

Valentine’s Day date ideas for the man in your life

amazing gift for him

For the romantic man

  • Dress up and take him to dinner somewhere really fancy
  • Hire a chef and eat at home
  • Book a day and night at a spa hotel

For the sentimental guy

  • Recreate the date that you met
  • Spend the evening looking back over old photographs and reliving some of those special moments
  • Start a new Valentine tradition

For the laid-back fella

  • Avoid the crowds and eat somewhere low-key
  • Ask him what he wants to do and then do it
  • Spend the day focusing on each other and no-one else

For the adventurous type

  • Enjoy a quick getaway to his favourite place
  • Sky-diving or bungee jumping
  • Cooking classes or dancing lessons

As you can see there are lots of things that can turn Valentine’s Day into a memorable experience for the man in your life. Stay tuned for more Valentine gift ideas for him.