What a Man Wants: Valentine’s Day Gifts

While it is more common for men to be seeking ideas when coming up with Valentine’s Day gifts women are also looking for gift suggestions for their men. The days of women being the only ones getting gifts on February 14th are long gone, and today women are just as invested in showing their love for their man as men are for their woman. Not only women, but men in same sex relationships are also looking to give their ‘special someone’ a gift that clearly shows the depth of their feelings. The following gift ideas are designed to help women (and guys) come up with something special to give to their loved one on the most romantic day of the year.

man wants - Valentine’s Day Gifts

Flowers, Chocolates and Greeting Cards

The three most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are just as acceptable as gifts for men as they are for women. Chocolate in particular is enjoyed by most people regardless of gender, and it is highly likely your man is no exception to that rule. If your guy has a favorite chocolate flavor or style that he loves but doesn’t get to indulge in often he will love receiving some on Valentine’s Day. Though flowers may not be given to men as often as women there are many men who enjoy admiring a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but if your guy simply isn’t a flower kind of guy a potted house plant may be more in order, or a rose bush for the front garden, or a tree for the back yard. Greetings cards are best enjoyed when they include your personal message to him.

Dress Watches

While once a watch was a means to tell time and most men only had one, a watch is now considered jewelry and it is not uncommon for men to own several in various styles, such as a rugged watch suitable for work, a gold watch for formal occasions, and an everyday watch for wearing during leisure time and weekends. Some men even go as far as to wear a different watch to work every day. If your man likes watches find him a very special one to add to his collection. Knowing that it was given to him by his significant other will make him smile every time he puts it on.

Amazon Echo Dot

So many guys love their tech ‘toys’ but even though this could be considered a tech toy the Amazon Dot really is much more than that. Voice activated and controlled, it is the perfect hands free option for a guy who is busy doing other things. Alexa, the ‘voice’ within, can be told to play music, turn on and off home devices, read the news, provide up-to-date information and so much more. Even if all your guy does is use it for playing music the Echo Dot will be something he will come to appreciate more and more as time goes by.

poker cards

Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Shaving is a daily reality for most men and having sharp blades that provide a close shave that lasts throughout the day is important to avoid the notorious ‘five o’clock shadow’ that some men suffer. Blades start to dull and before he knows it he needs a new one. So many men dislike shopping even for essentials such as new razor blades. A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club will ensure he always has new blades at the ready. You can choose to have him receive a new set of razor blades every month or on a schedule that better suits his usage. He will never have to shop for razor blades again.

Fitbit Flex 2

Whether your guy is a fitness freak or sits at a desk all day the Fitbit Flex 2 is a handy little tech device that can provide him with vital information about his health and fitness levels. Even if your guy prefers to ‘ride the couch’ all day, the Fitbit may encourage him to get up off the couch and become less sedentary. It can monitor sleep patterns, record food intake, let him know about missed calls and so much more. If running 10 miles a day isn’t something your man enjoys then any one of the other functions this little wearable device is capable of will be helpful to him.

Sega Genesis Wireless Classic Game Console

For the serious gamer this throwback to the (very!) early days of video gaming will be a gift he will be thrilled to receive. Pre-loaded with 80 different games, many which he will remember playing when much younger, there will be plenty to choose from. Unlike the original Sega Genesis this one is wireless and will operate much more smoothly. If your guy happens to be a bit of a collector of old games and still has some from his original Genesis they can be played on this console too!

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your guy is not that difficult, right? He will love every one of these gifts for sure!