Do the Men Receive Gifts?

Valentine´s Day is about showing your emotions to your special person. This can be done through certain gestures, gifts or simply, words. Even though this latter option almost vanished it is probably the simplest, but at the same time the hardest way to let someone know what you feel about them. Therefore, we decided on giving gifts and doing some special and crazy gestures that will replace actual words. Since men have more issues to express the love they usually are those who buy gifts for their girlfriends and wives. As a result, women usually expect gifts.

red car sideOn the other hand, women do not have problems to express their feelings for the person they love. However, they feel guilt to receive gifts every year on Valentine´s Day and not return it the same way. For that reason, women also buy gifts for their boyfriends and husbands. Of course, in material world that we live in, this is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Consequently, we have thousands of items appropriate for men in this occasion.

So, the answer is – yes, men receive gifts. Although, there is a smaller number of items available for men in comparison with Valentine´s day gifts available for women – you can always find something romantic and appropriate for your significant other.

There are some things that you can buy for him on any occasion which also perfectly fit as a Valentine´s Day gift. Therefore, you can buy him colognes, watches, wallets, drinks or sport memorabilia. He will appreciate this, certainly. But if you consider buying him something that he will most definitely like than choose a gift which has a purpose. Men love gifts with purpose.

Think about his hobbies and interests. Find something that can be used in more ways. If you decide to buy something that he needs like new shirt or new gadget, be sure that you know what he wants. You are able to take him window-shopping, even though he is probably not going to show what he likes, like we do.

Women usually “need” that certain item that they have seen at the store, it is the item without which the life would be almost impossible. Men, however, do not feel this kind of connection with material stuff which is not in their possession. They buy something if they really need it, they do not even have to like it particularly.

motor riderOnce again, you are on your own when it comes to Valentine´s Day gift for your significant other. If he spends his days at the office, than you might consider buying him something that will make these days easier, some interesting piece of decor or a tablet, or maybe a bag for his office paperwork.

golf ball and tee

  • If he is outdoor type of person, then you should buy him some of those cool gadgets that will make his time in the nature much more comfortable. You can buy him a Swiss Army knife or a cool, retro compass, or perhaps a pedometer watch.
  • If he loves music, sports or movies, surprise him with a ticket to a concert, a match or a cinema. You can also buy him some kind of memorabilia – a vinyl of his favourite band, a jersey of his favourite team or replica items from his favourite movies.
  • For a book and science lover you can always find something that he needs to read or have in his private collection. You can also find some great book keepers or retro writing machine if you want him to feel like a 1920s writer in Paris.

You can also surprise him with some goofy and totally unnecessary items that will remind him of some special moments you shared together. Most often these items for him will be more precious than some other expensive gifts. This is where you can be creative, think about the things that were a key moments for you two to meet. Buy him a can of drink you had on your first date. Buy him umbrella if you were soaking wet from rain on the day you met. It has to be something ordinary and funny, with great sentimental value.

After all, there is no perfect gift. You cannot make mistake, whatever you buy. Men are not overanalysing the things you say, do or gift. It is not that they don´t care, it is just the way they are. If you decide to buy something great, be sure it is timeless, something that will probably have greater sentimental than real value, because that is what men appreciate. If you decide to spoil them, on the other hand, then surprise them with something you know they secretly want.