The Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Dinner of All Time

Taking your loved one out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is probably a tradition that you follow, much like millions of other people around the world who celebrate the most romantic day of the year. It tends to put a dent in your wallet but spending quality time with your significant other and sharing good food and wine is part of the entire Valetine’s Day custom and even if it does cost a bit of money the experience and memories make the expense worthwhile, right? Would you feel the same way if your meal cost you close to $100,000?

How Much Could Cost A Valentine’s Day Dinner?

Glasses of wine
When ‘money is no object’ and the occasion calls for a meal to remember a rich person may not even blink an eye at that price tag, but the average spouse wanting to enjoy a quiet, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two with their partner would likely have a heart attack if the bill they were presented with totaled that much. If you are curious as to what makes a dinner cost that much here’s why this meal comes with a hefty price tag.

The cost covers more than just the food and wine. Included in the dinner package are the services of a harpist to provide background music, a poet to recite beautiful romantic poetry, doves, and the services of a world-class chef to oversee the preparation, cooking and serving of the meal.

The meal consists of eight courses and each dish is served with a different wine. When you consider that just a single bottle of Domaine De la Romanee-Conti 1990 costs over $27,000 you can begin to see how the meal is so expensive. As one would expect of an expensive dinner truffles are on the menu, along with duck eggs. One of the highlights of the meal, and part of the reason it is expensive, is the Wagyu beef dish that is served on a bed of dry rice and has silver leaf touches on it.

There is a belief that those with considerable disposable income are tiring of the typical off-the-shelf luxury items and are looking for something more personal, tailored to their specific wants and desires. This complete meal package is designed for just that type of person, hence the exclusive services of a world-class chef cooking in the person’s own home. The harpist and doves add the romantic touches that make the entire experience one to remember.

Romantic dinner
Very few of us are able to afford that luxury, however there are ways to replicate the experience but with a much more manageable price tag. Having a meal catered is quite common, particularly for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, but people also have dinner parties catered when they are unable or unwilling to undertake the meal preparation and cooking themselves. Working with the caterer you can come up with a menu that you and your loved one will enjoy and then all you have to do is choose one or two bottles of wine that are suitable to accompany the dishes being served. Your caterer is probably able to make suggestions regarding wines and may even be able to supply the bottles as part of the package. Instead of a harpist you can play beautiful background music on a stereo and the doves can be hired for the evening if you wish to add that touch.

There are plenty of succulent dishes that can be prepared that don’t cost ‘an arm and a leg’ and it certainly is not necessary to have eight courses. Four courses are usually enough for even a special, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Soup, salad, a main dish, and a dessert typically supply plenty of variety and enough food to satisfy even the hungriest diner. While truffles may not be within budget a caterer will be able to suggest something just as decadent at a much more reasonable cost. You can always splurge and purchase some exotic chocolates to end the meal with. At the end of the day, provided the wine and food are wonderful, it is the person who is sitting across the table from you that makes the meal one to remember.

If having a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two prepared and served is something that appeals to you check online to find a company that can provide all you need at a reasonable cost. You may need to approach more than one caterer to find one that is both available to provide your meal on February 14 th and able to cook you the dishes you would most enjoy. If you are prepared to serve the food yourself you may be able to arrange to have it cooked and delivered the day before so that all you need to do is heat it up and serve. Prepare a romantic setting and then wow your loved one with a Valentine’s Day meal to remember.

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