Personalized Chocolate Gift Ideas

Mmmm….chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate, right? While typically it is women who are spoiled on Valentine’s Day with the sweet confectionery men enjoy chocolate almost as much. It is becoming increasingly more common for men to receive flowers and chocolates on February 14 th . Choosing his favorites to surprise him with on the most romantic day of the year is always going to be a good idea. Personalized chocolate gifts are even more fun to receive.

The Best Personalized Chocolate Gift Ideas to Give Your Guy This Year.

Chocolate boxes
Alphabet Chocolates – Spell out your (short) message to your loved one in individual chocolate squares. Each square has a letter on it and when put together in sequence will surprise him with a loving message from you when he opens the box. Heart-shaped chocolate pieces can be used to fill any empty spaces or in place of the letter O in your message.

Chocolate Gift Basket – Carefully selecting all the chocolate flavors and styles that your guy likes is one way to personalize his Valentine gift. Making a chocolate gift basket can be a labor of love that is fun to do. If you go to a specialty chocolate shop you will be amazed at the range of flavors and styles of chocolates available. Buy small amounts of each of the ones you know he will like plus some that you think he may like. Bundle each one into cellophane film and tie the bundle with ribbon. Alternatively you could buy little boxes and fill each one and then tie a ribbon around the box.

Bake Your Own – Nothing is more personalized than making your own chocolates. There are plenty of recipes and ideas online that you can access to find out how to make some great sweet treats he will enjoy immensely. Chocolate molds are available from specialty bake shops and craft stores so you can make the chocolates in different shapes and styles. You could make your own sweet Valentine message by frosting the tops of plain squares of chocolate with letters to spell it out. Arrange them in a flat, shallow box so that when he opens it up he can immediately read your love note. You can also make chocolate covered nuts and raisins if that is something he will like.

Heart chocolate
Personalized Boxes – Decorating the box in which you give your guy his chocolates in is another way to personalize the Valentine’s Day gift you give him. You can purchase plain boxes from craft stores and then decorate it with fabric, paper or even with colored markers. If you are creative you can design and print your own wrapping paper and use it to cover the box and lid. Otherwise you can cover it in plain colored paper and then write little love messages all over it. Handwrite the messages for an even more personal touch. If your handwriting isn’t very neat or attractive consider printing the messages in fancy fonts onto address labels and then affixing them to the box in random places.

Chocolate Bar – Some chocolate companies offer a service in which they will imprint your message into a large chocolate bar. Typically it is business logos that are molded into the chocolate but there is no harm in asking if they do one-off designs. If you can’t find a chocolate manufacturer willing to do that for you consider approaching a cake decorating store that will turn photographs into edible stickers for putting on top of cakes. They may be willing to make your message into an edible sticker and then you can purchase or make your own large bar of chocolate and put the sticker on top. What you have transferred onto the edible sticker is your choice. You can either design a message, hand write a message, or even choose a favorite photograph of the two of you. Wrap it in some fancy cellophane film, tie a ribbon around it and you will have a chocolate gift he will enjoy biting into.

M & M’s – The M & M’s chocolate manufacturers offer a service that allows you to have your choice of images placed on the little candies. You can choose from 25 different colors of coating and then the message or image you want placed on each one. The process of ordering on their site is very easy to complete and when you are done you will have personalized M & M’s that your honey cannot get anywhere else because you had them made just for him. The online store also has fun ways to present your personalized M & M’s such as a glass candy bowl with #1 Dad on it or old-fashioned looking candy dispensers that can both be re-used. Check out their website to find the perfect accompaniment to your personalized M & M’s for your sweetheart.

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