What Your Man Really Wants for Valentines Day – How to Find Romantic Valentine’s Gift for Him

Have you only just realised that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? Well that’s a big surprise, where’ve you been hiding? The advertising channels have been plugging Valentine’s Day since we all said goodbye to Christmas. You must have been hiding under a rock somewhere not to have realised that Valentine’s Day was fast approaching.

You might be interested to know that a poll has discovered 37% of men and 13% of women know their partner would be heartbroken if they forgot to give them a gift for Valentine. Don’t fret unduly though, because we’re here to offer our friendly advice. The plan is to share some ideas that will make your partner’s day special, with some Valentine’s gifts for him that are romantic.


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First let’s look at the different ways people view this annual celebration of love all around the world.

romantic gifts for himFebruary 14th is a controversial day
Some consider it a day that has been marred with commercialism, but this may be because they are part of the 52% of women and 16% of men who admit to being jealous of the gifts being given to others. It’s a day of love and some might be tempted to pop the question or actually book their wedding day on 14th February. We wouldn’t advise it because 69%of men and 65% of women think this Valentine’s gesture is a little cliche.

A Valentine’s date – what should it be?
A number of men and women, 50% and 60% respectively, consider a romantic getaway the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. However, not everyone’s pocket may be big enough for such an expensive gesture. There are some far more affordable ways you can spend Valentine’s Day. 32% of men said they’d much prefer to spend all day in bed with their loved one, fooling around under the duvet. And 57% said they would really appreciate a sensual massage.

What makes for a good Valentine’s gift?
The staple fare for Valentine’s gifts are chocolates, flowers, a cuddly teddy or a single red rose. While nearly half of men think that these sort of gifts are perfect, only 4% of women agree. A third of women say that jewellery would be their gift of choice, while 40% would love to be treated to a day at a spa. But as this is a gift site dedicated to men we’d be wise to consider what men consider to be romantic Valentine’s gifts. 20% said they’d love tickets to a game, while 70% are simply looking for a roll in the hay, or some fun under the duvet. Well there’s a surprise!

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be bowled over by any gift they receive from their Valentine. So let’s take a look at some Valentine’s gifts for him that may or may not be considered romantic.

A romantic Valentine’s gift that will symbolise your love

A great way to symbolise your love is by exchanging gifts, and there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day. Give your boyfriend or husband a thoughtful and romantic gift and he’ll know how much you care. Valentine’s gifts for him come in all shapes and sizes. some practical, some expensive, some cheap and some romantic. There really is something for everyone. Let’s share a few gift ideas for the man in your life. Try them out and let us know whether they were successful.

Enjoy a night out – Take him out for dinner and book tickets for a show. Think about the activities that he’s going to enjoy, and be prepared to knuckle down and enjoy them together. He might enjoy watching a game, a movie or listening to a rock band perform live. He’s bound to enjoy a night out, but he’ll like it all the more if it’s something he enjoys, you’ve made all the plans and you’re happy to tag along with him.

Romantic Valentine’s Gift for HimSomething for his hobby – Figure out what your man’s hobby is, because let’s face it they aren’t all going to be the same. Once you’ve figured it out finding a related gift will be easy. If he loves reading a collection of novels will be welcome. If he loves action movies then update his collection with a few of the latest releases.

Chocolates – It’s not just the ladies that love chocolate, there are quite a few men that love it too. If you’re lucky enough to have a man with a sweet tooth then your gift choosing is easy. Buy the best quality chocolates you can afford, but make sure they’re the ones he likes. You might think that a heart-shaped box would be very romantic, but we’re afraid that he’s going to think that a bit cheesy.

Cook him dinner – It’s always nice to go out to dinner, but do you really want to be whispering sweet nothings in a room packed with other diners? A much more romantic option would be to cook him something special at home. That way nobody has to overhear your talk of undying love and share your memories.

Flowers – Yes there are men who would love to receive a bouquet of flowers. but if you’re not sure whether yours fits into this category you could always give him a houseplant or something for the garden.

So there we have it. A few ideas for Valentine’s gifts for him, romantic or otherwise. All of which we’re sure will raise a smile on the face of your husband, boyfriend or partner. We know it’s a little unusual to be considering a Valentine’s gift for a man, but why not accept the challenge? Gone are the days of being content with following tradition. We strive to make traditions of our own. This year help to buck the trend and turn Valentine’s Day into a day for both men and women to bask in the glory of being loved.

Above all, relax, have a good time and feel the love of those around you.