Valentine´s Day Gifts for Successful Men

Men are usually a lot harder to buy for. There are many factors that cause this final result. Women are picky, but there is a wider choice of accessories, jewellery and cosmetics, for example. On the other hand, man can be even pickier, they rarely go out of their comfort zones, and usually love something that can be used in many ways. However, if your husband is a business man than you know that you have even less options to give him something special this Valentine´s Day.

He loves special things and most often he likes to buy clothes or accessories by himself. With all these facts this may be a good time to panic, but don´t worry, because we will give you 8 ideas that will be a great Valentine´s Day gift for your hard-working husband.

The Eternity Rose Golf Ball and a Tee

These awesome items are dipped in 24 karat gold. Every golf lover will be thrilled to have this as a gift; furthermore, they would be surprised to learn that these are fully appropriate for playing. The ball is designed to be able to go as long and straight as the best balls available. Besides, concerning the conditions that golf ball may suffer, this ball is almost indestructible. Every golfer would be proud to receive this as a gift. The set with ball appropriate for playing costs $59, while the display set costs $85. With this gift he will be able to show off his success in both private and professional field.

golf ball and tee

Star Wars Cuffs Links

If your special man is all polished and professional on the outside, and geeky Star Wars lover on the inside this is the right gift for him. These amazing cuffs links are something original he will add to his plain everyday suit. You can buy Darth Vader 3D head cuffs links for $190 as well as R2D2, Death Star and Millennium Falcon models.

DG The One For Men Eau De Toilette

This special fragrance is something that is at the same time classic and modern. It is the right choice for your only one. Most importantly, you will like it as well. Successful men should be powerful in every way, and this great fragrance will allow it to be that way. If Valentine´s Day caught you off guard and you are not sure what to buy for your special man, than this is the best option. You can buy it for $96 or $126, depending on the size of the bottle.

Grant Chronograph Brown Leather Watch

Watch is always an item which bears certain emotional background. It is usually the most special gift that we hold dear to our heart and keep with us for a long time. Therefore, wives, if you want your husbands to always carry around a gift which is a symbol of your love, than you should buy them watch. This Fossil brown and silver watch with white dial base is something that every gentleman needs. It is available for $179.

Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards

If you are not done with gold items, there is another unusual item on the list. This will be a perfect decoration for his cabinet at work or at home. This is the example of his success. Besides, they are not only for decor. This 24 karat gold plated poker set with 52 playing cards and 2 jokers is a perfect choice for a man who enjoys hanging out with mates for a game of poker. All the cards are packed inside amazing mahogany case. Certainly your husband will appreciate the gift. These cards are available for $40.

GPO Duke Retro Push Button Telephone

shirtThis is the great retro will remind him to slow down. We already passed through the serious development of gadgets and appliances, and we almost miss some items from the past. This retro item offers easy push-button dialling and includes pull-out note-pad. Even if he decides not to use it as a phone, this can be a great decor for his cabinet.

Mini Zen Garden

If you think that your hard-working husband needs some quiet and peaceful time at the office then you need to buy him this awesome relaxing item which will perfectly fit on his office desk. Mini Zen garden kit is something that will release him of pressure, and let him create something amazing. That will further boost his ability to work in cruel corporate world. This simple escape is available for $90.

Perry Ellis Men’s New Blue 2 Button Side Vent Suit with Vest

Suit is something that every gentleman loves. Therefore, you cannot make mistake buying this, except, if they are really picky and love their suits to be specially fitted. However, this three-piece suit is perfect for the gentleman who needs to dress to impress. Moreover, it is a slim fit suit, so you need to take care if your husband has a perfect body type for this suit. This suit is available for $240.