Valentine’s Day Vintage Gifts for the Man in Your Life

With the growing interest in all things retro it is not surprise that many women are trying to find vintage gifts for the special men in their life. It can be a fun but challenging quest to find that rare item that he will love. For the older man vintage items provide a means of recapturing a time when he was younger and has fond memories of those days. For the younger man it is a way to enjoy something that his parents may have had when they were living through those years.

Amazing Valentine Vintage Gift Ideas For Him

Record Player

Vinyl records are making a comeback, with some companies pressing new ones, but for the guy who loves vintage items there are still many of the original LP’s and 33’s available in second hand and antique stores. Garage sales often have records available and some people will give you a great deal on a box of them just to clear them out. If your guy is older chances are he still has his LP collection but without a record player to play them on they are just sitting and collecting dust. The record players created today are for the most part superior to those originally made. For the younger guy who loves retro a record player and a few choice LPs and/or 33s will be a fun Valentine gift.


Vintage man clothes
Scout around local estate sales for vintage clothing in your man’s size. It may take a few attempts to find that perfect item but there are some great deals to be had at estate sales. Choose ones in upmarket neighborhoods so that the items for sale are of good quality and likely well cared for. Men in particular tend to shove items to the back of the closet and forget about them for years and that is your opportunity to snag something great for your guy. You can often find hats in near perfect condition if they have been boxed. Beware of shoes with rubberized soles though, as they often disintegrate upon wearing.

Neon Signs

Antique and collectibles stores often have neon bar signs available that are at least a few decades old. Finding one in really good condition may require some searching but will be well worth it when your guy sees what you have bought him for Valentine’s Day. If your man has a ‘man cave’ this could be the perfect Valentine gift for him to hang on his wall. If you can’t find a neon sign within your budget or in nice enough condition consider bar mirrors, trays, towels, pull handles and other vintage bar items. Auctions may be one place you can find some interesting items from bars that have closed down. EBay is another great source for rare, one-of-a-kind vintage bar items.

Jukebox or Pinball Machine

The ‘man cave’ kind of guy would likely love to have a fully restored jukebox to add to his ‘space’. Though they are not cheap they are a fun item that can provide a lot of enjoyment over future years. Once you find a really nice jukebox you can then look for 33rpm records to fill it with if it doesn’t come with them. Pinball machines are also not cheap but are something the many people are restoring to their former glory. When your guy has a ‘guys night’ he and his buddies can have playing against each other on the pinball machine just like they did when they were kids.

Retro Toys

If you asked your guy what his favorite toys were when he was growing up you are likely to get some interesting answers. Once he gives you some suggestions you can then have lots of fun tracking down some of his favorites of yesteryear. Fortunately some people knew their old toys would have value in the future and so stored them carefully to preserve them. If you can find someone like that you may be able to find one of your guy’s favorite toys from his childhood in near perfect condition. EBay, antique and collectibles stores, and yard sales are good places to find such things. Be prepared to haggle at yard sales if the owner knows the value of his/her items, but sometimes you can get lucky and people will sell vintage items for next to nothing because they see them as just old and virtually worthless.

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Vanity Sets

Many years ago one of the gifts a young man was given upon ‘becoming a man’ was a vanity set that consisted of a razor, shaving brush, hair brush and comb. Vanity sets varied in what was included but many of them were great quality and even had real silver on them. Though your guy may have no interest in actually using them they will make great decorative items for his bedroom dresser or for the bathroom vanity. Estate sales and antique stores are likely to be the best sources for such items.