Perfect Wines for Your Special Guy on Valentine’s Day

Many believe that a meal is not complete without a glass of wine to go with it. What is on the dinner menu will often dictate whether the choice of wine is red or white, sparkling or still, but whichever wine is chosen it needs to be served properly so that it can be enjoyed best. Wine is like many things in life, and comes down to a matter of personal taste but one thing is for sure; the link between wine and romance is strong. For Valentine’s Day it is the perfect drink whether dining in a restaurant or just relaxing at home watching a good movie with your honey.

Best Wines For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Evening

Bottles of wine and grapes

Champagne – The drink of celebration, genuine Champagne is traditionally drunk when toasting at weddings, and as nothing is more romantic than the joining in matrimony of two people who love each other deeply, it is a fitting choice for Valentine’s Day as well. If authentic French Champagne is not in your budget there are several very good alternatives on the market today, produced by reputable vineyards that will suffice but be more budget friendly. It can be an acquired taste, so if you have never had Champagne before don’t be surprised if you don’t find the taste appealing at first. Have a bottle of sparkling white wine that you know you enjoy standing by as a backup.

Red Wine – If you want the night to end on an intimate note a really nice red wine will help get both you and your guy ‘in the mood’. While the compounds in red wine do help to stimulate desire, particularly in women, it is important to not over-indulge. Choosing red wines with low alcohol content will ensure you both get to enjoy the wine and the intimacy as well as wake up the next morning feeling good.

White Wine – For those who are not big wine drinkers a fruity white wine is likely to be the best choice regardless of what is being served at dinner. If it is a sparkling wine make sure that it is served in a glass that will ensure it doesn’t lose its bubbles before the bottom of the glass is reached. Still wines are a safer choice if you are not going to finish the entire bottle in one evening.

Bottle of wine and rose
Giving wine as a gift on Valentine’s Day can be quite easy if your guy loves wine and is quite knowledgeable about the different styles of wine. The opposite is also true if he is extremely knowledgeable and very selective. Figuring out where your man is on the wine knowledge spectrum will make choosing wines to give him as a gift easier. If you yourself have very little knowledge about wine it would serve you well to find a local wine store that has knowledgeable staff to advise you on the best choices of the season.

Wine Basket – Once you have decided to give wine as your Valentine’s Day gift to the man in your life it is just a matter of selecting a few bottles. Purchase a good variety of both red and white wines and if budget allows throw in a bottle of Champagne for good measure. Purchase a square cane basket with high sides that will prevent bottles from falling out. Place the bottles in an attractive manner in the basket and then wrap clear cellophane film around the basket so that the sides can be gathered at the top and tied with some ribbon. You can throw in some chocolates too if you wish.

Monthly Wine Subscription – If your wine-loving guy likes to try new wines a monthly wine subscription is a gift idea that he will truly enjoy. Depending on the subscription you sign up for he will receive typically a bottle of white, a bottle of red, and perhaps a third and fourth bottle, each and every month until you cancel the subscription. This is a great way for him to be introduced to new vintners and new offerings from established vintners. Once he identifies one or two he particularly likes he (or you) can purchase several bottles for later occasions.

Wine Tasting Tour – For the ultimate Valentine gift for a wine lover take him on a trip to one of the many wine-producing areas across the country. Spend an afternoon at either one vineyard or several (many are close to each other) tasting the wines they have on offer. Lots of vineyards that offer wine tasting tours will also provide lunch and/or dinner so you can dine there as well. If planning to try a large number of wines make sure that you eat sufficient food to prevent intoxication and/or you can arrange to be driven back by limousine for an additional romantic gift. If there are no vineyards near where you live make a weekend of it and fly to one of the wine-producing areas and make it a really romantic getaway for two.

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