How to Make the Day Unique with Personalised Valentines Gifts for Him

When it comes to looking for a gift for your partner find one that has a personalised touch and you’ll be giving him something that’s totally unique. Even the most generic gifts can be lifted to an extra special level with a spot of personalisation. And you’ll probably be pretty impressed with the number and range of gifts that can be personalised. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your beloved husband or boyfriend you’d be wise to know that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. After all, we humans are so very different. We each have our own set of preferences, values and taste. A gift that on the surface appears to be good for one man isn’t necessarily going to be suitable for them all.

All these reasons and a few more make the option of personalised Valentine’s gifts for him worthy of exploring further. By adding a personal message or loving words you can be sure that your Valentine’s present for him is unique.


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It’s easy to personalise your Valentine’s gifts for him

my man is just like my coffeYou’ve decided that this year you want to buy a Valentine’s gift for him, but what are you hoping to achieve with your gift, and how do you think he’s going to react? Is it just a smile and a thank you that you’re hoping for or is your goal much more than that? If you find the perfect gift for your loved one it should leave you with a warm feeling inside. Because, as we know it’s not all about the receiving. Giving a gift to someone should be special for you too.

Adding a touch of magic to your gift is easy with a touch of personalisation. It could be a card that has a special heartfelt message inside, or a picture that’s been added of the two of you together. However you personalise your gift you can be sure that you’re taking the gift giving experience to a new dimension.

What sort of Valentine’s gifts can be personalised?
Pretty much anything really, but let’s look at a few examples:

    • Pack of cards – If your man loves a game of poker then personalising his own deck of cards would be perfect. You can have them printed with a snap from your latest holiday, or a photo taken on your wedding day for example.
    • Calendars – While the mobile phone has made calendars pretty much redundant, it’s still a great personalised gift he could hang on the wall. Each month could have it’s own individual image and be a constant reminder of the moments you’ve shared.
    • Phone cases – He might think this gift is kind of corny, but we think it’s kind of cute, buy him a phone case that’s been personalised with a message or memory so that he will be able to carry it around with him always.
    • There are literally hundreds of other gifts that can easily be personalised, especially if you’re doing your Valentine’s gift shopping for him online.

Cushions, towels, mugs, bags, plates, blankets and pillows are just a few more examples.

If you’re feeling a little stuck for some suitable words to add as personalisation, let’s give you a bit of inspiration.

Loving messages for your personalised Valentine’s gifts for him

We’ve already mentioned that personalised Valentine’s gift ideas for him are a perfect way to celebrate your love for each, but it’s not always easy to find the right words. There are heaps of different gifts that can be engraved such as tankards, picture frames, hip flasks and mugs. You could choose to keep it really simple and just say “Happy Valentines” or try and find the words for a more sentimental message. However, it’s not as easy as it seems to find the right words to express your feelings so here are a few suggestions:

  • Your strong and welcoming arms is my favourite place to be! Happy valentine’s day to my handsome husband!
  • To the best boyfriend/ husband in the world. you’re always in my thoughts and in my heart.
  • On this special day i just want to say thank you. you always manage to make me feel like a princess!
  • Happy valentine’s day to the man of my life!
  • Your love is all that i need this valentine’s day and every other day in the year
  • You’ll always be my prince charming

Top personalised Valentine’s gift ideas for him

Feeling a bit stuck for ideas can be frustrating, especially when it comes to finding personalised Valentine’s gift ideas for him. Let’s share a few quick ideas that could be deemed suitable for everyone.

  • DIpped Poker Cards for himSilver infinity bracelet – Show the special man in your life how much he means to you with a silver and leather infinity bracelet. This gift can be engraved both on the front and the back with words that will celebrate your unique bond.
  • Personalised novelty socks – A comfy gift in the shape of a pair of personalised socks. Simply add your own special message.
  • Personalised leather cufflink box – A handcrafted leather box for all those precious cufflinks and collar stiffeners. Alternatively he could use it on his desk to keep his pens, pencils, stamps, paper clips and staples near and handy.
  • Personalised golf tee holder – A perfect gift for the golf lover that comes complete with a brass clasp to attach to his golf bag.
  • Personalised cufflinks – Cufflinks are the kind of gift that is available in a number of different styles and materials. So there should be no problem finding the right one for your man.
  • Personalised luggage tags – Add his initials on the front and a sentimental message on the back and he’s got the perfect accessory for those trips away from home.

A Valentine’s gift for him that has received a personalised touch is sure to make a lasting impression on the man of your dreams. Give your husband, boyfriend or male partner a gift that he’ll treasure for many years to come and your gift giving worries are over.