Valentine´s Day – Florists Nightmare

Flowers can be nightmare for both customers and florists. There are many outside facts that influence this simple symbol of love to be a key element of hatred. You all had problems with flowers on Valentine´s Day. You ordered flowers, but they have never showed up, the flowers were wrong or almost destroyed in transport. Therefore, we know that flowers can be a real disaster and a nightmare for all of us who buy and send flowers on Valentine´s Day.

girl with bouquetTherefore, people became more cautious not to make the same mistake again. They often blame flower shops, transportation, themselves, Valentine´s Day and everything because their order was wrong, lost or destroyed in some way.

If you thought that being a florist is a wonderful occupation than we will give you some facts and make you think again. There are many stressful holidays, and Valentine´s Day is one of them. The amount of pressure is hard to handle and crazy clients really create negative atmosphere on this day of love celebration. Some people are really trying to make it easier for the florists but others have special requests, they are never satisfied with the results, they have unrealistic expectations and very often are unbelievably rude.

No one has the excuse to behave like that, no matter what went wrong. Try to remain calm and try to fix the error together. There is a deal for everything, but we usually try the attack first, which never brings positive outcome. You end up fighting with your florist over the phone or in person, causing more negative energy to spread between people.
Gold vase and rose for Valentine's Day
Florists often have some special requests which they are unable to make possible. Therefore, instead of attacking the florists for their inability to create something we wished for, we should seek for another one, and another one and another one, until we realise that our wishes are unrealistic. On the other hand, we need to let florists do they work the best they know. If you are at the flower shop do not be angry if there is someone who quickly needs to buy anything for his wife and leave the shop as soon as possible, and you are waiting 10 minutes to get the service. Spread the love, not hate.

There are flowers which are not equally sustainable like others, and florists lead the race with time to make it possible for everyone to buy what they really want. On the other hand, if these flowers are not as we expected we will be angry at florists who specifically tried to warn us that these flowers will not provide the best results once they are shipped.

Florists work hard during the Valentine´s day and really try their best to provide a good service for everyone, as much as they can. However, crazy clients and their unrealistic ideas lead to the misunderstandings and negative experiences for florists, and other clients. Therefore, Valentine´s Day becomes a nightmare, instead of day when we celebrate love and appreciations.

However, hard work pays off. Flowers, besides the chocolate, are the most sold Valentine´s Day gift, and after a great stress comes a great reward for all those who work in flower shops. However, they end up emotionally wounded every year, which makes them hate Valentine´s Day and their job eventually.
girl recieves bouquet
Florists are not responsible if your wishes lead to the fail in order. Florists are not responsible if your order was not handled with care by those who transport the flowers to the required destination. Most of all, florists are not responsible if the order does not provide the wanted effect on your significant other.

They can be distracted to get your order right, or forget to send it somehow, but these are the things when florists will take full responsibility of their mistake and make it right by redeeming themselves. But if they are not going to feel responsible and try to make it better if you were the one who caused the problem or if someone else caused these mistakes.

With the first sign of Valentine´s Day we should all consider how it looks like to be in someone else´s shoes. We would not want someone to blame us for the things we are not responsible for. We would not want to be under the stress caused by time and people at the same time. We would not want to feel unappreciated by clients, no matter what kind of job we do. Therefore, think about this and be patient, be positive, be polite, because these are simple acts of love that we should be able to do for everyone this Valentine´s Day.