What to Wear on the Valentine´s Day Special Dinner

For all the men out there who were wondering what to wear for a special Valentine´s Day dinner there is a simple answer – suit!

shoes and tieTry to be elegant as much as you can. You have to be careful, because women tend to analyse everything. They spend a lot of time trying to look perfect on any occasion, Valentine´s Day included. And they, generally, offer a lot of attention to appearance. They need to see that you feel the same way – that this dinner is special and that you are serious about it.

If you are concerned what particular suit you need to wear then there is no particular answer for you. We can give you some tips on how to be elegant and handsome on that particular occasion.

If you are usually a casual type of guy then this is a special occasion for you to be all dressed up and ready to take your Valentine out for a fancy dinner. On the other side, if you are always wearing elegant clothes, surprise her with some special accessory to stress the importance of this particular date – it could be a fancy tie which you only wear for the special occasions, it could be some red detail like a bowtie or handkerchief which would provide you with certain elegance and retro element in your otherwise simple look.

suit manYou can wear simple black or dark blue suit with appropriate shoes – black, or even more popular lately, brown shoes. White shirt is the best option, because you can combine it perfectly with other colours and it is the most elegant one. However, you can decide to wear black shirt with black suite and black shoes. But this all black outfit needs to have some coloured elements, preferably red tie or bowtie, or a red rose in their pocket.

Gray suit is also handsome and elegant option if you want to sweep your special lady of her feet. Combine it with lighter shades of blue or gray and you will be perfect. If you have the tie or the shirt that she bought for you then try to incorporate them in your outfit. Wear cuff links or tie clip which will be noticed and appreciated.

All these little items can be a great sign that you thought about wearing something special for this dinner. For all those who are usually jeans and sweatshirt type of guy this might be a scary part of any occasion, but as soon as you see your lovely lady all dressed up and ready you will be glad you put some effort to get inside that suit.

golf ball and tee

Light coloured suits are not really welcomed for Valentine´s Day dinner, because by wearing the white or beige suit you are trying to put focus on you more than her. This night leave your ego at home and let it be only for her. She needs to turn heads, not you. However, your goal is to look like the man of her dreams not Al Pacino in Scarface, unless Al Pacino in Scarface is the man of her dreams.

walking manIf your dinner date is not going to be so fancy, then you are allowed to wear something else too. Special dinner does not necessarily mean fancy dinner. There are other special ways to celebrate Valentine´s Day. If you decide to take her to some nice, outdoor place for a quick snack among other planned events, be sure you prepare her for this option – you don´t want her t catch cold. Therefore, you need to be prepared as well. A sweater and a warm jacket are welcomed and you will be allowed to look casual in that case. But note again: Warn her to pick warmer clothes.

Your special dinner can be also at home. If you are going to cook for her, be sure that you act and look like a real chef, well, minus a hat. But women love men who are cooking, so appropriate apron is your best accessory. You can put on the white shirt, without a tie, and simple black jeans to have casual and sexy look of world-class chef. And be sure that your dinner does not get burned.

Whatever you decide to prepare for your significant other on Valentine´s Day night, be sure that you look your best. You might not look as elegant as her, but that is even better – let the spotlight be on her, let this be her special night.