Luxury Gift Ideas for the Men You Love

Whether buying for a boyfriend, a fiancé, a husband, or even your father, sometimes it is nice to buy them a luxury gift that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. It not only shows them how much you love them but also that you feel strongly that they are worth every dollar you spend on them and that you want them to give some extra special gift on Valentine’s Day.

Luxury Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Gift for father, husband, fiance, boyfriend for Valentine's Day


It is nice once in a while to show your father that even though you are grown he is still the first man that you ever loved. If your father enjoys a really good whiskey there are some well-aged whiskeys that he is likely to enjoy. You can ask your local liquor store staff for recommendations if you are not sure what to buy. If your Dad already has plenty of good liquor then a set of really nice crystal drinking glasses may be a good choice.


An engagement is a promise to marry so treat your fiancé as you would if the two of you were already married. You may still be getting to know his likes and dislikes but chances are that you have a good idea of at least some of them. A top-of-the-line stereo system for his car may be a really good luxury Valentine’s gift that he will enjoy every time he drives. If not a stereo consider top quality car seat covers.


Amazing gift for him
If you have been married for a number of years chances are you know what your husband’s likes and dislikes are, which can make it easier to buy for him. He may even have been dropping hints prior to the day so that you will buy him what he wants. If he has been hinting then take his ideas one step further to upgrade them to a more luxury item. For instance if he wants new golf balls get him monogrammed ones or the best ones available. He will be hoping for golf balls but will be surprised when he sees that you got him top-of-the-line ones.


If you have been dating for over 6 months you will want to give him a great gift for Valentine’s Day that he will enjoy. A quality leather wallet will last him for years and be something he can use every day. When choosing a wallet, consider what he does for a job. If he sits down a lot he won’t want a bulky design wallet in his back pocket. Men who wear suits will often slip a wallet into the inside pocket of their jacket therefore a slim profile wallet will suit them best. Black is always a safe color but browns and grays are nice too. Take note of what he currently uses and try to get one in a similar style, particularly if his current one is well-used, indicating that he likes it so much he is reluctant to get rid of it.

Other luxury gift ideas for the special men in your life are as follows:

  • Cologne – A luxury gift set that includes a bottle of his favorite cologne as well as after-shave cream and other items will be a welcome gift. Men typically do not like to shop for themselves so if you give him a replacement bottle of his favorite cologne for when his runs out he will appreciate it.
  • Virtual reality headset gift for Valentine's Day

  • Virtual Reality Headset – This is a fun item that will not only appeal to the ‘techie’ guy but also to those who need a way to relax when not working. He can watch movies, experience thrill seeking adventures as if he were really there, or just enjoy a relaxing beach scene so that he can truly shake off the stresses of the day. There are so many things that can be done with a VR headset he will have fun exploring all the features.
  • Cufflinks – The range of prices for cufflinks is extensive. If your man wears a business suit to work every day an attractive, quality set of cufflinks will be a welcome addition to his wardrobe. If he doesn’t typically wear cufflinks Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time for him to start. Of course if he doesn’t have shirts with French cuffs you may need to purchase a couple of those too.
  • Navdy – This dash mounted GPS system is the latest in GPS technology that is superior to older GPS systems due to it projecting the map and directions onto the windshield right in front of him when he is driving. The low profile unit sits on the dash behind the steering wheel and the image shows near the bottom of the windshield where he can see it but it doesn’t obstruct his view. It can also handle incoming and outgoing phone calls and text with ease.

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